How to Undread Dreadlocks

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Undreading dreadlocks is something that you can do by tying your hair in an intricate series of knots. Undread dreadlocks with help from an experienced hair care professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

I am Jennifer Hyde, and I'm here today to show you how to undread a dreadlock. Now this may sound more difficult than it actually is. Once you have tied the hair in a very intricate series of knots it is possible to unwind them and to pull all those out. You are just going to need a few key things in order to get you started. You are going to need a lot of time and even more patience and a ton of detangler oh, and maybe even a really sturdy comb. So what we're going to do is take out a couple of dreadlocks. Now mind you we just put these in the hair not too long ago so obviously they have not been in the hair for months or years or anything like that in order to be completely wound up tight. So it's probably going to be a little faster today than what it may be for you if you are working with a lock that's been in your hair for a very long time. However, it can be done. Basically what you want to do is you want to find the end of that dreadlock. Sometimes the ends are loose. Sometimes they are pulled up really tight inside. If you can't find an end to begin to unravel, make one. In that case you would actually snip maybe the bottom quarter of an inch off the bottom of the lock so that you can begin to have something to unravel. So I'm first going to start with my detangler and I'm going to gently mist down the whole section. If you are working with really long dreadlocks that have been in the hair for a long time, you definitely can go ahead and do a quick shampoo and insert a lot of heavy conditioner into the hair. This also causes the ends of the hair to start to get slick so that you can easily unravel them. So I've started with my detangler. Now I'm going to use the end of my comb and also some good strong teeth on that comb and I'm going to just gently begin to comb it from the bottom. Now I'm going to eventually end up in here with pieces that are very very tightly wound. So in those situations I want to use the rat tail end of my comb and I want to go in and I want to just gently pull those strands loose, gently unwinding this hair. You don't want to rip it, you don't want to pull it too hard because you will cause the hair to break but it is completely possible to unravel and unwind all of this hair that is into the locks. You just have to have a lot of patience and begin diligently combing and smoothing those out. Eventually you will get all the way through that section of hair with the teeth of your comb and have a nice smooth loose piece of hair once you've finished unraveling all of those pieces.


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