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Making delicious stuffing is something that you can do with wheat bread instead of white for extra flavor. Make delicious stuffing with help from an experienced culinary professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello, I'm Chef Jamel Boyd and today, we're going to make a cornbread stuffing with beer brats. I like to use cornbread instead of wheat bread of white bread just because of the flavor content and I'm using a beer bratwurst instead of Italian sausage just because again of the flavor content. We'll start with our, our bratwurst. This bratwurst I cooked previously because when you try to cook it from a raw stage in the pan it really take so long. So, I roasted it off in the oven and I'll just give it a slit down the seam. So, we're going to slice it on a bias like this, nicely roast. And to begin our saute process, we'll start with the sausage. I'm going to use a nice amount of butter for this because the cornbread is going to soak up most of it. So, we'll just get it to swirl around here, so I'll add our sausage, saute our sausage around. Next thing we're going to do we're going to add our onions, okay, we'll cook our onions and sausage together. Now, we're going to add our celery, we'll put some of our carrots in; nice little pack of handful like that. From here, we'll just saute them altogether. So, we'll dump our cornbread in next; cornbread has been diced, rough diced little cornbread. So, we'll get all that tossed around. We'll add a touch of salt and pepper. I'm not going to use the full cup of chicken stock, that's about two ounces right there. So, we'll continue to let that cook for another like 30 seconds and then it will be done. Hello, I'm Chef Jamel Boyd and that's how you prepare a delicious cornbread stuffing with beer bratwurst.


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