Clam & Cheese Spaghetti

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Clam and cheese spaghetti is a really delicious dish that is perfect to make for your next party. Make clam and cheese spaghetti with help from an experienced culinary professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

How you doing? Anthony Goncalves. Today, we're going to make clam and cheese spaghetti. Okay. So, we have clams, cheese, spaghetti. I've got white wine, garlic, parsley, crushed red pepper and garlicky bread crumbs; chose Gruyere as the cheese. Process that we do at the restaurant is we take the clams, these are Manilas, put them in water, five percent of the weight of the water, the water weight, we add salt. It's a five percent brine. Goes back in the refrigerator; these clams are cleaning themselves, no hassle, no need to run them under water. Here I have beautiful cleaned clams. Gruyere was the cheese that I chose because of the melting, the way that it melts on the clams. I'm going to leave the clams in the shell, we're going to do a rustic play on it. It's going to be fun to eat. I feel like you need to get your hands in it. You need to feel the dish, smell the dish and eat the dish and enjoy the dish. So, we're going to push it all - I have some house-made spaghetti. I'm going to take this to the stove. I'm going to get the spaghetti going in water and we're going to start the process. Spaghetti is in. Olive oil. I'm going to add just a little bit of this minced garlic. And I want to bring - I don't want to go into a hot pan. I want to start with, you know, this pan is ready to go, it was warm. Now, it's starting to work. And, I don't want to kill this garlic; I want to roast it. I want it to have great flavor. I don't want it have any kind of burned flavor whatsoever, I want to keep it nice and clean. There's nothing like roasted garlic and I use a lot of it. It's going to play really nice, really nice, against the cheese. I'm going to add my clams, these little chili flakes, nice. I'm going to let this work. I'm going to deglaze. And, what I want to do is, like, bathe these clams in this beautiful liquid. I want to perfume them. Oh, wow. That is looking really special and it's as simple as that. And, then, here's the trick. Yeah? We're going to take this and we're going to add this cheese right over it. So, the grated Gruyere and then the shards of Gruyere, you know? We're going to do something pretty interesting here. Okay. So, now I added the spaghetti into the sauce and I'm going to work it. And, real important is that I add some extra cheese on top of that spaghetti. I really like that cheesy, clam, briny, ooh, mommy, and that's what you have here, with a little bit of spice. I'm going to also add some of these beautiful herbs. And, this is parsley and chervil. That's going to be really clean there. And, I'm going to plate this. And, you know, with a dish like this and, when I think spaghetti, I immediately think, bread crumb, I think crunch and I think texture. So, finishing it off with these homemade, garlic bread crumbs is a finisher. And, I don't ever think that you have enough herbs, so I love laying some herbs down on that. And so, I'm just finishing this off with a little bit of olive oil. This is complete, spaghetti, clams, cheese, parsley, garlic, crushed red pepper. This is delicious. Anthony Goncalves. Clam, cheese, spaghetti. You know that whole taboo thing? Stay away from it. Cheese and seafood really work.


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