Pork Adobo in a Slow Cooker

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Pork adobo in a slow cooker is going to require peppers, garlic and a few other key ingredients. Make pork adobo in a slow cooker with help from an experienced culinary professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

How ya doin'? Anthony Goncalves. Today, I'm gonna take Saint Louis ribs, rub 'em in Adobo, and put them in the slow cooker. Alright, so slow cookin', I love this thing. It's, it's, everyone should be, everyone should have one or two in their house, and everyone should be using it every week. I took Saint Louis ribs, pork ribs, and these things really, the fat renders off of them in the slow cooker, and then starts cooking in it's own juices. And, you know, that's what you want out of a slow cooker. I took Adobo and Adobo, I think we should put Adobo on everything. It's a lemon, pepper, and garlic. It's umami, great flavor. We took, I took some chipotle, too, and, and some onions, and I've got, you know, you want those onions to sweat in there. You want them, you want the steam to, to, it's a steam bath. These pork ribs are gonna have a beautiful steam bath, and everything is gonna be infused, the fresh parsley, the Adobo, the chipotle, oh wow. It's, it's, it smells amazing already. And, you know, using a slow cooker, it's as easy as in the chamber, securing the top properly, just as so, turning it on high and letting it go. These ribs'll go for three hours. And, the end result of it is pretty outstanding 'cause you're ready. You're ready! You get home, you turn off the slow cooker, you let it rest for a little bit, you get yourself a bottle of wine, and then, what do ya have? You have these delicious ribs. Just take a look at this. Look at this, this is amazing. And, so easy. Anyone can do this. The sweating of the onions, the, the fat off the pork, it's gonna give you enough juice to cook this thing, and cook it properly. Enjoy, and always use a slow cooker. Go out and get one today, if you don't have one. Don't be scared. Cook! This is Anthony Goncalves. Those ribs are really delicious. Please do it at home.


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