Recipe for Spicy Apple Marmalade

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Spicy apple marmalade is best made with a few key products, like mustard. Get a recipe for delicious spicy apple marmalade with help from an experienced culinary professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

How ya doin'? Anthony Goncalves. Today, I'm gonna teach you how to make a spicy apple marmalade. Spicy apple marmalade, and so, in thinking about this whole process, I thought, one, time constraint, and two, consistency and good products. So, we went out to the supermarket, our local supermarket, fancy food store, and I bought very high end apple marmalade, and because the idea was a spicy apple marmalade, that allowed me to be clever and creative. So, I add the apple marmalade into the blender. I'm, then, taking some apple cider, and I'm gonna add some liquid into the blender. And, then, the spices I chose to go against this apple and, and to sort of like, make it really work. How do you get the sweet and spicy going and, and then you think about food friendly. And, then, you think about where you're gonna use it? Mustard and apple, beautiful together. And, we turn this on and let this work. And, then there's, so there's a process. So, we think about spicy apple marmalade, and we think about texturally, we think about all, all these things, and this is a clever way to do it. And, a quick way to do it. You're talking about buying a product. You're talking about having some grain mustard, or mustard, in the house, having some apples in the house, and having apple cider vinegar, and apple cider. I'm working this, as simple as one, two and three. And, now, I'm going to the stove. So, I'll take the apples, just a nice, small dice. I wanna build, this is all about building texture. And, then, you know, always the element of surprise. You wanna surprise people. They're, they're thinking marmalade in one way, and then you give them a texture, and they say, "ooh, that, that was nice." So, just apple cider, apple cider vinegar, both of those balancing each other, and just cook off these apples. We don't really wanna cook 'em off all the way. We just wanna get them, we wanna get their juices coming out, and these juices going in. We're pulling out the water, we're adding in juice and vinegar. Alright, so now we have these apples. They're ready to go. Man, I love the smell of apples, mustard. I think, you know, these instructional videos shows a little bit of cleverness and technique because, I mean, we're here to teach you how to think and cook. And, all I do, take the apples, and we're just folding them into the marmalade. Anthony Goncalves, just showing you that, you know, sometimes you buy a good product like an apple membrilla, and then you tweak it and make it nice and spicy, and you add some texture in there. Do it at home. Enjoy. Always have fun cooking!


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