Dishes That Pair With Scampi

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Dishes that pair with scampi can include Arancini, which is a Sicilian rice ball. Find out about great dishes that pair with scampi with help from an experienced culinary professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

How you doing? Anthony Goncalves. Today, I'm going to show you what pairs with shrimp scampi. O.k., so what pairs with shrimp scampi? And so immediately I thought that was easy for me. At the restaurant, my staff and I came up with a shrimp scampi arancini. Arancini is a Sicilian rice ball. Where that comes from is day old rice. So, I have rice that we cooked off. We were making some risotto yesterday, we had some extra. I have in here onion that was sweated, the rice was then cooked and perfumed in the onion vapors. And then, topped with herbs. And here we have our shrimp scampi. Garlic, parsley, shrimp cooked and then, blintzed through a Robot Coupe. You could chop it up with a knife after it cools down, you get this consistency. And what we're going to do is, we're going to fold the shrimp scampi with the Arborio rice. And then, we have a dredging station, we have flour, egg and breadcrumbs. And so, what we're going to do is, I'm going to make sort of a meatball. I'm going to cup this, I've got the scampi, I've got the rice, I'm going to dredge it in the flour. We're going to go to the egg. And we're going to go in the breadcrumbs. So, now we're going to take the arancini and we're going to pan fry it. And so what we're doing is, we're just getting it brown because I want to finish this in the oven o.k. So, nice and easy, you let it work. This is going to be so delicious, the scampi, the garlic flavor, the parsley is going to come out. You know, there's something so special about eating a rice ball. You know, it's something that's so simple, but it's something so special when it's done right. You can dd some cheese in there, if you like. So, this is ready, look at that, look at that beautiful color, look at that. And right into your oven. And now, we're heating this up, o.k. And once it's nice and warm in the center, it's ready to go. Remember the rice was cooked, so were the shrimp. Thanks for joining me, Chef Anthony Goncalves. Just a clever way of what goes with shrimp scampi. Anything goes with shrimp scampi in my world. We made a delicious arancini.


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