How to Clean Tears From a Puppy's Eyes

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Cleaning tears form a puppy's eyes is something that you want to do with just plain water. Clean tears from a puppy's eyes with help from an experienced pet professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Ron Murray with Montana Murray Kennels. We're gonna go over how to clear tears and stains from your puppy's eyes. So, one of the things you wanna make sure is that you have a good, quality product. You don't really wanna be using just plain water when you're wiping your puppy's eyes. Find a product that's out there that's specifically for cleaning puppies, dogs, cats eyes. And, when you do, you're gonna have just one wipe per eye. Don't try to use the same wipe per both eye, because if you do have something going on, we don't want a lot of cross contamination going on. We're trying to clean up an issue. We don't wanna make it worse as we go, so make sure you have something that's really reputable that you're going to use with them. So, you really wanna work on going down and out, and away from the eye, where you're cleaning out that very bottom, 'cause usually, if you're having goops and problem with the eye, it's gonna be down in this area, right here, anyways. And, that's really important that you go from down and out. You don't wanna bring stuff back into the eye, that way if you actually do have some debris that you're working with, you don't want to put that directly into the puppy's eyes. The idea is is to be cleaning it out. You can blot, and then, once you get in there, and if you have some stuff that needs a little bit, don't be afraid to use just a little bit of firmness to get in there and make sure you're cleaning it out. And, that is, if you need to bring the puppy a little bit closer to ya, make him feel secure while you're doing this. And, then, on the other side, same exact thing, and back down and out. And, you might see that, kinda like how I'm holding the puppy, I wanna make sure that I have good control over their head, while I'm doing this, too. So, you might grab ahold, right on the very bottom, or even ask someone to give you an assist when doing this with your pup. Good boy, Luciano. And, this is how you clean a puppy's eyes.


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