How to Feed a Dog Who Has Had Puppies

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Feeding a dog who has had puppies is something that you need to do to help make sure that they gain those important extra pounds. Feed a dog who has had puppies with help from an experienced pet professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi. I'm Ron Murray, with Montana Murray Kennels, and this is what to feed a mother dog that just had puppies. So, some of the things we want to think about is the quality of dog food that you're going to be giving mama dog. She just went through a pretty rigorous activity and she's going to have to put on extra pounds. She's going to need more protein, more fat. She's got to supply supplements for those little puppies now, so you're going to really be thinking about what to give mama dog. Some of the things to consider on what kind of food and extra nutrients to be giving her is how many puppies she had. You know, if you just had a little dachshund that had two or three puppies, that's really not that much, so we really don't have to be adding that much more nutrients even though her little body is going to be producing milk, but it's not like a Labrador that just had 14 or 15 puppies that she's going to be having to produce a ton of milk for a lot of different puppies. A couple of things to think about, what kind of nutrition you want. You know, are we doing a beef base, chicken base, lamb base? Again, these are a lot of personal preferences for what you want and what you think your dog really can live off of. A lot of times, we look at soft foods, soft food from high-end companies that might actually have something more - some more additives into it. You're thinking again, high protein, high fat. You're looking at 26 percent fat or graders which you want to have in that dog food. One thing over the next week of your dog just having puppies would really want to be weighing mama dog and making sure that she's gaining some weight back. She's just lost a ton of weight, now it's that baby weight that she just lost, but over the next week, she should start putting back a little bit of weight back on. After two, three weeks goes by, she should be putting pounds back on, on top of while she's still feeding the puppies. Thank you for watching our how-to on this. Hopefully, that helps you out and gives you a little bit of information to get started on how to feed mama dog after she had a litter of puppies.


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