How to Get Wrinkles Out of a Wool Coat

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Getting wrinkles out of a wool coat is something that you need a steamer to accomplish. Get wrinkles out of a wool coat with help from a dry cleaning professional in this free video clip.

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I'm Jerry Pozniak, managing director of Jeeves, Manhattan's foremost luxury dry cleaning brand and this is how to get wrinkles out of a wool coat. You're getting ready to go out on a cold winter morning and you notice that your wool coat has wrinkles in it. Wrinkles can occur in any wool coat if you don't put it away properly, you put it on the back of a chair or you threw it on your bed last night. Step one would be you need a steamer. Step two you plug the steamer in, wait for it to preheat. You will know when it's ready to use when a little bit of steam is coming out of the top of the steamer head. Step three, take that heavy wool coat and put it on a good sturdy hanger. A wire hanger is not going to do the trick in this case. A plastic or a wood hanger is the best option. Step four, get the steamer head a few inches away from the wrinkled areas on your coat. You can use your hand to smooth the areas away as you are steaming at the same time. Step five, make sure that the steamer does not drip onto the coat, it may leave water marks. You don't want that to happen so keep it a few inches away at all times. Step six, admire your great work and put your coat on and you're going to look great going out the door. It's important for you to know how to steam out a wool coat so you are not running to the dry cleaner if you have a few pesky wrinkles but keep in mind that if your coat is stained perhaps from salt from walking around in the winter day, you don't want to use a steamer. That's only going to set the stains making it almost impossible to remove.


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