How to Type in the Middle of Letters Without the Next Letters Disappearing

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Typing in the middle of letters without the text disappearing will likely require you to change some preferences in the program you're using. Type in the middle of the letters without the next letters disappearing with help from a web and graphics specialist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Brian, and this is how to type in the middle of letters without the next letters disappearing. Now sometimes when you are typing up a document like let's say in Microsoft Word, you will start typing and you will notice that the next letters are disappearing after you type even though you are not deleting anything. Now on a PC this is a pretty common issue and it's fixed easily just because you hit the insert key. When you hit the insert key it will automatically type over whatever it is you type next. So instead of just pushing the words to the right, it will type over them. Now on a Mac it's a little different because there is no insert key. So sometimes you will have a situation where insert key functionality is occurring but you don't know why. So I'll show you why. In Microsoft Word, if you go into Word and then preferences and then edit, there is a check box called over type mode. If you select that, it will mimic the same functionality as the insert key. Insert key, see how it is deleting? Now in order to turn that off, you just have to go into preferences and then edit and then make sure that's unchecked and hit okay and now I will be able to type without deleting the next letters.


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