How to Specify Selected Text to Appear as a Superscript

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Specifying selected text to appear as a superscript means that it will be higher and smaller than the rest. Specify selected text to appear as a superscript with help from a web and graphics specialist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Brian, and this is "how to specify selected text to appear as a superscript." Now, a super script is simply text that is higher and smaller than the rest of the script. It's commonly seen when you're seeing something like first, second and third. The st, the nd, those are all superscripts. I'm gonna show you how to set that in Microsoft Word. So, Microsoft Word will automatically set many common superscripts, like if I type in one S T, and then hit the space bar, it'll make the S T a superscript. The same with two N D, or three R D. But, let's say I have something that's not commonly a superscript, and I wanna set that myself. Let's say I just wanna make GoTeam, and I wanna make the team a superscript. All I have to do is highlight that portion, and then click on this button, right here, A two, which if you hover over, will say superscript and then it will turn into a superscript.


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