Does Neptune Have Any Precipitation?

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Neptune has precipitation, just maybe not the kind you might expect. Find out if Neptune has any precipitation with help from an experienced education professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Eylene Pirez, and I'm an astrophysicist. And this is does Neptune have any precipitation. There's has been a lot of people talk about the diamond rains. And people speculate that the gas giants, some of them might actually be, have rains that are made of diamonds. And this could be true but it hasn't been actually scientifically proven. But it has been tested a lot that it's possible. And I'll explain what a diamond rains, because we have a lot of methane in Neptune. And this chemical symbol CH-four (CH4), we get a lot of carbon from it. And this methane is in crystal form, so the carbon can be extracted in a crystal form. There's also a lot of lightning and electrical discharges in the actual planet. And when they sap the crystal, the crystal tends to harden and become the graphite. And this actually produces the diamond. So, then we have lightning and turns them into the diamond. So there's this theory that the lightning in the atmosphere of Neptune is sapping the carbon crystals and turning them into diamonds. And it's raining towards the core of the Neptune. My name is Eylene Pirez and I'm an astrophysicist. And this is there any precipitation on the planet Neptune. precipitation.


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