How Was Neptune Found?

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Neptune was discovered mathematically in the 1800s. Find out how Neptune was found with help from an experienced education professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Eylene Pirez, and I'm an astrophysicist and this is, "How was Neptune found?" So the thing about Neptune is was discovered mathematically first. So in the early 1800s, we already new that Neptune had to exist and the way we look for planets is that we first study the motion and the gravitational influence of several bodies, and then we can figure out where and how massive that planet has to, that planet has to be, and where does it have to be? So we were already expecting Neptune, and then in Berlin a guy by the name Gals was observing looking for Neptune and he actually was able to do a direct observation of Neptune so it was discovered optically in 1846 in Berlin and this is how Neptune was found. My name is Eylene Pirez, and I'm an astrophysicist, and this is the discovery of Neptune.


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