How to Hardcoat Drywall

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Hardcoating drywall isn't difficult, but it can be time consuming to make sure that everything comes out right. Hardcoat drywall with help from a foreman for Lighty Contractors in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Good day, everyone. I'm Joshua Clement, and this is "how to hardcoat drywall." Hardcoating drywall isn't that difficult, but it does take a lot of time to make sure it's done correctly, and doesn't look bad. For this job, you will need plenty of hardcoat, a trowel, and a drywall tray. Most commonly, people like to put a hardcoat on their drywall. When you have a lot of imperfections, or it's old drywall, this will help to stiffen it up and keep it from having a bunch of cracks and different types of puncture points in your drywall. First thing we need to do is take our trowel, put some hardcoat on our tray, go ahead and make sure that it's nice and smooth, there aren't any pockets of dust in there, not any pockets of water or air. Put a lot of it on our trowel, and go ahead and put it on our wall, and you're gonna go through a lot of hardcoat when you're doing this, because what we're doing is we're skin coating the entire drywall surface area. We'll go ahead and put it on there, and then we'll just run our trowel down and smoothed it off. You will have to sand a little bit, after all this is done because when your trowel runs on the side, you're gonna end up getting some straight marks on there, so you wanna make your swipes as fluent as possible, with very little stops of picking your trowel up off your hardcoat and then sitting it back down. Now, you're going to want to do this to your entire surface area that you're wanting to hardcoat. Now, after it thoroughly dries, you're gonna go through and sand it down to your desired smoothness. Thank you all for watching. Good luck on this project!


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