Why Does My Sheetrock Tape Bubble?

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If your Sheetrock tape is bubbling, it may be because the room doesn't have enough moisture in it. Find out why your drywall tape bubbles with help from a foreman for Lighty Contractors in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Good day, everyone. I'm Joshua Clement, and this is, "Why does my drywall tape bubble?" The reason your drywall tape bubbles is it's a paper tape and you have to hold it on there with drywall mud. Now the drywall mud dries very fast because the room sucks the moisture out of that and a lot of people wait too long to end up putting on their paper tape that doesn't want to stick right or they don't run their trowel through there and make sure they have smashed out all the air bubbles. Another reason could be different temperatures. The different temperatures is going to cause that tape to separate from the mud inside the wall. So here is a normal drywall scene. You have your mud underneath, your tape and then a coat of mud over the top. What happens is with the temperature change, this tape starts to separate from the mud and allows bubbles in your wall. There is no real quick fix for this. It doesn't matter how much mud you're going to put over that, your bubbles are always going to be there because they are going to expand and contract with the different temperature changes. So the best thing to do is go ahead and rip that tape out of there or cut it out of there and redo the seam completely. So what you will do is you will grab a hold of it and pull the tape off of there. Now it will only come off that easy when your mud is still wet. So what we want to do is take our drywall mud and put a good amount on there and run it across your seams. Now if you are using paper tape, you're going to take it, put it over your seam and then press it on there. Then we'll go back through with our trowel, push firmly onto our tape and you're going to skim it across there. What we're trying to do is bed the tape into the mud. That's the only way to keep it from bubbling. You want to make sure that you don't have any bubbles in your tape when you are doing the finished product. So you want to press firmly and smash all that extra mud out from behind the tape, come through here again, a little bit wider, go ahead and smash it in. Now you want to let this completely dry before you go ahead and put your next coat on there. If you don't, the tape is going to soak up the moisture from the next coat and allow it to pull away from the drywall mud on the underside. Now if you don't like using the paper product for this, they have a mesh tape out there that is self adhesive that has a bunch of holes through it which will keep it stuck to the wall and allow the mud to float through there so you won't get any bubbles. Thank you all for watching, and good luck with this project.


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