New Moon Tide vs. Full Moon Tide

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Tides are determined by the phases of the moon, among other characteristics. Find out about a new moon tide versus a full moon tide with help from an educational professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Eylene Pirez and I'm an astrophysicist. And this is new moon tide versus full moon tide. So first of all, let's look at the sun and the positions of the moon around the earth. And then determine what kind of tides occur and what's causing them. So here we have the new moon. And then here's the first quarter. Here's the full moon. And here's the third quarter. So the tides roll because of the gravitational gradient that is felt from another body orbiting nearby. So here we have the moon gravitational gradient which is very close to the earth. So therefore it has the biggest effect. But the sun we can also feel the gravitational gradient of the sun. And what happens when you have the sun and the moon at right angles they kind of take away from each other. And these are called neap tides. And this occurs at the quarter moons. Now we do have spring tides and these are at new and full. So what's the difference between the moon tide, the new moon tide and the full moon tide. So here in this position or the new position you have the earth, the moon and the sun. So you have both gravitational gradients pulling from the same side. Therefore your high tides are going to be the greatest. It's the maximum you can see here on earth. And then when you have the full moon tide you still have both of your gravitational tides within the same line. But they're at opposite places. So therefore the tides are not as extreme. So full moon tides are a little smaller then the new moon tides. Not by much but a significant amount. My name is Eylene Pirez, and I'm an astrophysicist. And this is the new moon tides versus the full moon tides.


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