Which Planet Exerts the Least Pull of Gravity?

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When thinking about gravitational force, what you really need to be thinking about is gravitational constant. Find out which planet exerts the least pull of gravity with help from an educational professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name's Eylene Pirez , and I'm an astrophysicist, and this is "which planet exerts the least pull of gravity?" So, the thing to think about here is that the gravitational force of a planet is the gravitational constant, which is about six point six seven, times 10 to the minus 11, meter cubed per kilogram, second square. Multiply by the first mass, the second mass, and the distance between them, square. So, generally, when we are looking at a planet, we can see, okay, we have the same, the first mass is a piece of rock on the surface, and the second one is the mass of the planet. So, let's call this the mass of the planet, instead of mass two. It also has to do with how far you are from the star, oh, from the actual other object, so the distance between them. Generally, in our solar system, the planets with the least amount of mass have less amount of gravity, seeing as the force of the gravitational pull goes with the mass. So, we have to think about what are the possible candidates. So, the other planets are gas giants, and they're actually very massive, therefore, they have a really large gravitational pull, therefore, it cannot be one of the gas giants. So, it has to be one of the terrestrial planets. And, the smallest planet in the solar system, right now, is Mercury. So, Mercury is the best candidate to have the least amount of gravitational pull. And, so, therefore, Mercury has the least gravitational pull. My name is Eylene Pirez, and I'm an astrophysicist.


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