Shampoo Effect on a Dog's Coat

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Many people don't realize that a dog's coat is a lot like human hair. Find out about the shampoo effect on dogs' coats with help from a holistic pet professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Jenn Fadal, founder of The Pack Mom and this is the shampoo effect on dog's coat. So let's talk about how shampoo effects dog's coat, much like with our human hair, we want shampoo to make it soft and luscious, easy to manage and just healthy, looking healthy. Dogs always look healthier when their coats look good. Human shampoo is not the shampoo to use on your dog, however, dogs have a certain pH that is different from a human's. Dog's pH, skin pH ranges from about 6 to about 8 and one half. Human shampoo does not fall in that range typically. So stick with a dog shampoo. Look for certain ingredients that your dog might need or might benefit their coat, so if you have a dog that has very dry hair, you might look for a shampoo that has some kind of fatty acid like a flax seed oil or a shea butter. To really get into that hair shaft coat it and make the fur more manageable. You might look at an oatmeal and aloe shampoo let's say if your dog has really dry dry skin or some hot spots, oatmeal tends to calm down the skin and just make things better all the way around. There are medicated shampoos on the market and they are there for a reason, they either address chronic skin conditions or maybe are out there for flea and tick control let's say but a lot of those medicated shampoos are toxic when they are ingested so make sure when you are giving your dog a bath they aren't licking up a ton of soapy sudsy water at the same time. Natural shampoos are on the market these days. A lot of them are on the market and just make sure you pick the one that's right for your dog and again always stick to dog shampoo that is pH balanced and your dog will have a nice shiny lustrous coat and never shampoo too often or use too much shampoo because that will strip the dog's hair of their natural oils and cause dry skin and dandruff too. So I hope that helps you today. We are talking about the shampoo effect on a dog's coat. I'm Jenn Fadal. Thanks for watching.


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