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Learning about mammals for kindergarten will require a few key resources, like the First Animal Encyclopedia. Find out about mammals for kindergarten with help from a holistic pet professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi. I'm Jenn Fadal, founder of The Pack Mom and this how to teach about mammals to kindergarteners. First you want to have a good resource manual. I love this book; The First Animal Encyclopedia. It talks about mammals. reptiles, birds, you name it, it talks about it. So start off with a good resource manual and talk about the likes and dislikes of the entire mammal group. So for example, all mammals have hair. It might be a little bit of hair or it might be a lot of hair but they all have hair, they all nurse their young, they are vertebrates and they are warm blooded. Let's talk about a couple of differences. Differences would be that most babies are born alive out of their mommy's tummy but there are a couple of exceptions like the duckbilled platypus for example, lays eggs. And the eggs hatch after a certain amount of time. So a great activity for your kindergarteners is to have then pick a letter out of a bowl or out of a hat. So have them pick a letter. For example, the letter p. Once they choose their letter have them draw or decorate a mammal that starts with that letter. So p, let's work on a pig for example. So I have these great cut outs that I found for really just pennies and you can make your own too if you want. I have some wiggly eyeballs, markers, double sided tape, cotton balls. Most of the stuff you might even have at your house right now, that kindergarteners can decorate. You can get these little nifty frames and simply slide in their artwork into the frame and you could hang your mammals all over your classroom to talk about in the future. I'm Jenn Fadal, founder of The Pack Mom and this is how to teach mammals to kindergarteners.


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