Making Your Own Dog Litter Box

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Making your own dog litter box is something that you might need to do if your dog is incontinent. Make your own dog litter box with help from a holistic pet professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Jenn Fadal, founder of The Pack Mom, and this is how to make your own dog litter box. So you may have a dog that is a little bit incontinent or you just can't get home in time or enough to take your dog out as frequently as you need to. Try making your own dog litter box. Start off with a good tray. Now the tray I have chosen to use is actually the tray out of the bottom of my dog's crate. So depending on the size of your dog and your needs, select a good tray with at least an inch or two of a rim to catch that litter. Next pick a litter I always recommend clumping litter so I have a nice clumping litter here. They do make a dog litter specifically but it really doesn't matter, you're going to have to get your dog used to whatever litter you choose anyway. So pour your clumping litter or whichever litter you choose into the tray. Now I recommend because dogs like to usually kick after they go to the bathroom, I like to recommend surrounding your litter box tray with a true box. So I just grab any box that I can find, cut off the top, cut off the front and surround my litter box and you are good to go. Now to train your dog to actually use an indoor litter box, have your trusty treats ready to go, your dogs favorite high end treats and every time they need to go to the bathroom, guide them to their litter box, give them a treat and as soon as they go in the litter box, reward them, praise them, treat them and hopefully they will learn quickly to use their indoor litter box. So I'm Jenn Fadal. Thanks for watching and I hope you learned how to make your very own dog litter box.


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