The Material of the Cell That Is Outside the Nucleus & Yet Enclosed by the Cell Membrane

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The material of the cell that is outside the nucleus and yet enclosed by the cell membrane consists of cytoplasm. Find out about the area of the cell that is outside the nucleus and yet enclosed by the cell membrane with help from an experienced biology professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Dan Weisenberger, and in this lesson I'd like to talk about what is the material outside of the nucleus yet enclosed by the cell membrane. Here in this schematic diagram of the cell, we see that the region that is encapsulated by the cell membrane shown here yet outside of the nucleus shown here is the cytoplasm. And the cytoplasm consists of the cytosol, organelles, and inclusions. Cytosol is occupying most of the cell and is basically very thick a thick liquid that contains cells organic molecules and enzymes or proteins that are either degraded or synthesized. And organelles are small enclosed structures that perform specific functions in the cell. Mitochondria for instance take the sugar that was synthesized via glycolisis and the citric acid cycle and convert it in to large amounts of ATP for cellular energy. The endoplasmic reticulum shown here is a region in which one brain bound proteins in secretory proteins are synthesized. These little modules here are called ribosomes those are the sites of protein translation or protein synthesis in the cell. We also see that lysosomes are compartments that contain digestive enzymes. And finally the golgi apparatus is a organelle in which proteins are synthesized and ribosomes in the ER enter this this organelle for processing and further modification. Finally inclusions are non enzymatic molecules such as glycogen and other small molecules that really don't have a function yet provide some structural support and serving other needs for the cell. I'm Dan Weisenberger and this is what is the material that is outside of the nuclear membrane yet enclosed by the cell membrane.


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