What Will Happen to the pH of Water if HCI Is Added?

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pH level has to do with how acidic a certain type of liquid is. Find out what will happen to the pH of water of HCI is added with help from an experienced chemistry professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Robin Higgins, and this is "what will happen to the pH of water if HCL is added?" Okay, so HCL stands for hydrochloric acid, and, we're gonna be adding it to H2O. So, first of all, let's just review the pH scale. So, right in the middle you have seven which is neutral, and then, over here, you have zero, which is very acidic, and down here, at the other end, you have 14, which is basic. So, anything higher than seven is going to be basic, and anything lower than seven is going to be acidic. So, what happens to the pH of water if you put hydrochloric acid in it? Well, just from the name, you can probably guess it's going to become acidic, since this is hydrochloric acid, and that's correct. So, why? Well, HCL, in solution, will actually break up into positively charged hydrogen's, and negatively charged chlorines. And, the pH scale is actually just a measure of how many free hydrogen's there are. So, this means that if we have a lot of free hydrogen's, it's going to be more acidic, and so, it's more likely to protonate water. So, oxygen will pick up another one, and become hydronium. Alright, so, we've learned that if we add an acid to water, there'd be more free H's, which is what pH is measuring, and that means that overall, the acidity will become low. But, what does it mean for everyday life? Well, I'll test it right now by taking a sip of this hydrochloric acid infused water. Mmm! Delicious! I am Robbin Higgins, and this has been, this is a pH of water, when you add hydrochloric acid.


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