Advantages & Disadvantages of Diffusion

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Diffusion is a term that is used to describe the process of separation. Find out about advantages and disadvantages of diffusion with help from an experienced chemistry professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Robin Higgins and this is advantages and disadvantages of diffusion. All right so remember that diffusion is when you have one substance it is going to spread throughout your entire container and other substance. So a couple of examples. One, let's say that we are making ourselves a delicious cup of tea. Because we're sick. Like I am right now. And let's say so we're not British and we want that tea to be sugary. Well if we add in some sugar cubes, we don't want them to just sink to the bottom. We want them to completely diffuse. And so luckily sugar is soluble in tea so all you have to do is wait or stir and pretty soon if pink is our sugar molecules, you won't have actual solids anymore, the sugar will be completely diffused. And so this is when diffusion is good. Any time you want your particle or molecule to completely spread out and become a completely homogeneous substance like sugar or water. But it's not always good right, it really just depends on whether or not you want that thing to spread out. So let's say you're a person which you probably are and you live in a town where there's a poison cloud. And some gas got released and as soon as that cloud touches you you're going to die. Well you really don't want diffusion to happen. You want the cloud to stay completely separate from your breathing air. But as we all know clouds and gas are going to diffuse pretty quickly so eventually that poison will get to you. So advantages and disadvantages of diffusion really depend on what's diffusing and what environment you're in and whether or not diffusion will be good. There's no one strict answer, it completely depends. I'm Robin Higgins and this is the advantages and disadvantages of diffusion.


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