How to Create Sparkles in After Effects

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Creating sparkles in After Effects is something that you can easily do with the particle system. Create sparkles in After Effects with help from a certified Adobe instructor in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Matt Pizzi. I'm gonna show you how you can create sparkles inside of After Effects. There are many types of effects that you can apply inside of After Effects with particle systems. In this movie, I'm gonna show yo how you can generate sparkles. To start this example off, we're gonna go ahead and add a new solid to our composition. Command+y or control+y is the keyboard shortcut to do that. You really could set this up any way that you want, but you want to make sure that it matches your composition, and in this case, I'm gonna go with a white color. Go ahead and click okay. Once you create the solid, you want to apply an effect. So come over to the effects panel, and inside the effects panel, go ahead and type in CC and start typing the word particle until you see CC particle systems. To apply the effect, simply drag it out of the effects panel, and place it on top of your solid. You'll notice that the default appearance for this particle system isn't really what we had in mind. It's a bunch of lines emitting out from the center. Fortunately, there's several different properties associated with this particle system. If we come up towards the top inside the panel we can expand the particle section. In here you'll notice we have several different particles we can choose from. For example, we could select cube. Of course cube isn't exactly what we need, so we're gonna come over and choose star, and you'll immediately see it looks a lot like a sparkle. When you're working with particle systems, there's something called birth and a death of a particle. The birth is the beginning, and the death is the end. In here you can change the birth color and the death color. You can also come up to the top and adjust the birth rate. The birth rate is the rate in which these particles will be dispersed from the emitter. There's also a section called producer. Inside this section you can change the location and size of the producer. As you can see, creating effects like sparkles and all sorts of other types of particles are pretty easy inside of After Effects based upon these predefined effects that ship with the program.


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