How to Enable Keyframing in Adobe After Effects

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Enabling keyframing in Adobe After Effects is something that you can do to animate objects. Enable keyframing in Adobe After Effects with help from a certified Adobe instructor in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi. I'm Matthew Pizzi. We're going to talk about how you can enable and work with keyframes inside of After Effects. Keyframes are really important because it gives you the ability to modify and animate different properties of objects inside of After Effects. So inside of After Effects I already have this composition which contains two layers, a layer with text and a layer with video. What we want to do with this text layer is have the text Shanghai animate in from the right on top of the Shanghai video. If we expand the text layer we can then expand the transform properties. And what we're going to do is click this little stop watch. This will set a keyframe here at the beginning of the video. And now what we need to do is move the time indicator over here on the right hand side of the video. Then we can come over with the selection tool and if your selection tool is not selected you can press the v key on your keyboard, click on this text object and move it over to the left, and as you do that a keyframe will be added to the time line for you automatically. Once you have the animation set up you can change it by clicking on a keyframe and changing its location. In this case I'm going to move the first keyframe in a little bit so the video plays for a little bit before the text animates in. After doing that I'm going to set a couple of keyframes for an opacity property. So I'm going to move the time indicator to the same location as the first keyframe of the position property. And I'm going to go ahead and add a keyframe by clicking the little stopwatch icon. Then I'm going to move the time indicator to the end of the position animation and place a keyframe there as well. On this keyframe I'm going to change the opacity to somewhere around 80 percent. Then I'm going to move the time indicator back to the first keyframe for the opacity property and set the opacity to zero percent. And now you can see we have this text animating in from the right hand side. And as it animates in you'll notice its opacity increases. Keyframes give you the ability to animate objects inside of After Effects.


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