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Getting dental insurance is something that is easier if you go directly through your employer. Get dental insurance with help from an experienced insurance professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

My name is Susan Combs. And today, we're going to talk about how to get dental insurance. In terms of getting dental insurance, you really, you're going to be in lot better position if you're purchasing it as an employee of a company. Or you own a company and you can put a group policy in place. Individual can also purchase dental insurance, but usually the limits and the types of insurance are more limited to you. So, in terms of dental insurance, there's two different, two main types. There's DMO which is like an HMO, so it's in network only. So, with those types of policies, you have to select a dentist that's going to be your dentist. You can typically change month to month, but you have to go to that dentist or nothing will be paid out. And then, usually it's a discount program. So, you know, usually a 100 percent is covered on preventive, 80 percent is covered on basic and 50 percent is covered on major services. Usually with those types of plans, they're unlimited on the benefits. But again, you have to go that dentist that you selected. I mean, it's typically a much smaller pool to choose from. Then you have a PPO. A PPO, you're allowed to go to any dentist you want, regardless if they accept insurance or do not accept insurance. But the main thing with the PPO is, is you get an allotment per family member. So, the smallest allotment I've ever seen is been a 1000 thousand dollars in benefit. And the most, the highest allotment I've seen is been 2500 dollars per family member. So, the thing to keep in mind is yes, you can go to any dentist that you want to go to. But if you're somebody that's going to need say, five root canals this year. You know, a root canal is, I mean in New York city it's about 1500 dollars a pop. You're going to run through that money pretty quick. So, the main thing to do, is determine what your needs are. I mean, are you married up to your dentist and you want to go to the dentist that you've gone to for years and years. And see what insurances he takes and see what types of insurances he takes. Because that's going to steer on how you select a plan.


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