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Insurance risk management jobs will require you to get a very specific type of certification. Find out about insurance risk management jobs with help from an experienced insurance professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

My name is Susan Combs, and today we're going to talk about insurance risk management jobs. When it comes to insurance risk management jobs there's a few typical descriptions or titles that fall into this category. So when you are in insurance, usually you have what's called underwriters, so with underwriters, they actually assess the risk and determine if you are going to be a good risk or aka, a good client for them to take on. So with the underwriter they decide if they are going to approve you as a client or not approve you as a client. There's also insurance adjusters that also take a look at risk. They usually come into lay more on the claim side so when a claim comes in, they will be dispatched and they will take you know your claim information and then they might come out to your location and determine how much the insurance company is going to pay out. You also have actuaries. So with the actuaries they are actually the people that come up with the insurance pricing based on their risk. So they are kind of the number crunchers if you will. They take a look at for example with life insurance the actuaries they look at what the life expectancy is for people born today. I saw an interesting fact the other day that one out of every three babies born today will live until age 100. So those actuaries are pretty busy right now in determining how long they need their life insurance policies to pay out. So those are the main categories in terms of insurance risk jobs. I mean there's a slew of things underneath those but those are the main topics that you are going to look at.


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