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A substitute for the Roman chair exercise will help you isolate motion in a much better way. Find out about a substitute for the Roman chair exercise with help from an experienced fitness professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Dr. Robert Pomahac. And today's question is substitute for Roman chair exercises. I'll be teaching you my tricks and tips on how to do a different version of this so you isolate a better motion and reducing the strain you put on your lower hips. So I love the Roman chair exercise for working the abdominal area. It's the lower part of the stomach. But I see a lot of mistakes while people are doing this. Here are a few of them. The first thing is they do the leg motion way too fast. The knees are coming out at a diagonal. The last part is they are creating too much of a hyper lordardic curve in your low back. All these things contribute to problems in the future. Problems in your lower back, your hip flexor area. And you are also not focusing all the power and the strength in the abdominal area. So I'll be teaching you a couple of different things to make sure you work on while you are doing this exercise properly and in a different format. The first thing is to find pelvic neutral. How do you do that? By tipping your hips forward, tipping them back. Finding your pelvic neutral. Making sure that you engage your stomach and engage the glutes so that way we don't cause that hyper lordardic curve while you are doing this exercise. The next part is make sure your knees are not tilted at an angle but straight ahead. That takes the iliosoas, hip flexor muscle out of play. It puts all the pressure in the abdominal area. The last part in doing is is the count. It's coming up one, two, three. Down one, two, three. There's no rush, there's no purpose in doing something too fast or too slow. You really want to focus on where you are supposed to feel the exercise on the abdominal area and not the hip flexor area.


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