Ball Knee Crunches

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Ball knee crunches are typically done to make up for time lost when doing other types of exercises. Find out about ball knee crunches with help from an experienced fitness professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Dr. Robert Pomahac, and the question is ball knee crunches. The benefits of doing a ball knee crunch is to focus on your lower abs. A lot of people have a hard time losing that little pudge below their belly button so I'll be teaching you my tricks and my tips to focus on the lower abs. So doing an abdominal crunch. You've got to make sure you do them properly and effectively and efficiently or you are kind of wasting your time. So the first thing we have to realize and learn is where does the muscle begin, where does it end and what's the action of it. So the abdominal muscles start in the rib area and in the hip and they are used to crunch your torso. A couple key things you have to keep in mind is don't involve the hip flexors. That's why I like using a ball, put it between your knees, engage your knees, keeping them tight, putting all the pressure and focus on the abdominal area. The next part you have to work on is finding your pelvic neutral, tipping the hips forward, tipping them back, finding your pelvic neutral, engaging your stomach and engaging your glutes. Now we have a full perfect position to incorporate just the pressure on the abdominal area.


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