Softball & Shoulder Stretching

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Shoulder stretching is very important, especially for the increased range of motion required for softball. Find out about softball and shoulder stretching with help from an experienced fitness professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Dr. Robert Pomahac, and today's question is softball and shoulder stretching. Stretching is a super important part of your workout. It should be done pre and post your exercises. Why? To prevent injuries especially in the shoulder because it has so much motion in it, you really want to stretch out the shoulder to improve your capacity to throw a softball. A commonly injured joint I see in my practice is the shoulder. The reason to me is it's got such great range of motion and we are constantly using it. Also in many sports like softball, it's a ballistic motion. So I'm going to be demonstrating a variety of different shoulder stretches to focus on hitting a different angle and a different plane. So the first one will be stretching the shoulder by putting it at a 90 degree angle and then focusing on, really focus on pushing the body away from the shoulder. The next one you'll extend your arm, once again you are doing it at a 90 degree plane here, this is going to focus more on the actual chest and the shoulder. The next version is going to be at about a 90 degree above so it's going to be above your body structure, above your head and doing the stretch that way. The last one in this three series is going to be below, so 90 degrees, above 90 degrees and below 90 degrees. I also like to stretch the lats, not a shoulder muscle but it's really commonly a tight muscle which then irritates the shoulder. So how do you do that is by putting the arm away from your body and then pulling on it so that way you are kind of opening up the lats and really focusing on putting the stretch right into the lat area.


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