Bodybuilding Programs for Seniors

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Bodybuilding programs for seniors will require them to use weights, among other tools. Find out about body building programs for seniors with help from an experienced fitness professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi. My name is Dr. Robert Pomahac and the topic today is bodybuilding programs for seniors. Seniors, you've go to hit the weights. The reason being is, after the age of 30, we start reducing the amount of muscle mass we have and the amount of growth hormone we have. So, two things I constantly see in my patients is low back injuries, because we have no strength there, and no leg muscle strength. So, two things I focus on with my seniors is increasing your low back strength through exercise and increasing your leg exercises through exercises. So, you've got to focus on strength training to improve your ability as we get older so that we can move better, focus better and function better and not have to worry about low back problems. A common issue I see as a doctor in my office with senior citizens is a lack of mobility, a lack of flexibility, a lack of strength in their overall body and also lack of muscle structure. So, I tell my patients that are older is to work on mobility, strength, flexibility and cardiovascular. So, I'll be teaching you guys how to do a proper squat. The key focus on doing a proper squat is making sure your body awareness, finding your body neutral, finding your pelvic neutral, making sure you're pushing through your body, pushing through your heels, so you put all the pressure on your legs. I'll also be teaching you how to do a proper lunge. The reason why you want to do a lunge is because you're actually simulating a motion of walking and, as you get older, if we don't use it, we lose it. We also want to incorporate these exercises at a high-intensity interval session because it stimulates fast switch muscle fibers, stimulates growth hormone levels and stimulates your body's ability to incorporate and develop muscles as we get older. So, to do a proper squat, you've first got to find pelvic neutral, then you've got to make sure you're pushing through your heels and putting all the pressure on your legs. The same thing when we're doing the lunge, you want to find your pelvic neutral, your body neutral and also making sure that your step isn't too big or too short and doing a common procedure, being safe and effective and reducing the amount of potential injury.


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