What Is the Equation for the Decomposition of Aluminum Chloride?

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The equation for the decomposition of aluminum chloride will require you to know the appropriate chemical formula. Find out about the equation for the decomposition of aluminum chloride with help from an experienced chemistry and science professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Robin Higgins, and this is what is the equation for the decomposition of aluminum chloride. Alright, so a couple things. One, let's write down aluminum chloride. Now, aluminum chloride has this chemical formula, and that's because aluminum naturally has a positive charge of three and chlorine usually has a negative one charge. So, to make a balanced molecule, we need three chlorines and just one aluminum. And so second of all, what's a decomposition reaction? Well, decomposition means that we have our original molecule and we're breaking it up into two or more things, basically decomposing, just like what you'd think. So, it's going to decompose into aluminum, just by itself, and it's also going to decompose into chlorine, but remember that chlorine gas actually comes like this as a dimer, so we're gonna have Cl2. So now that we have this, we have our reactants we have our products, and we need to now balance the equation. So, it looks okay at first. We've got one aluminum one aluminum, but then we get to chlorine, we have three chlorines and two chlorines. So, to balance it, we're going to add a two here, making a total of six, and then a three here, making another total of six. But now we've unbalanced the aluminum. So we have two aluminums here, one here, which means we just have to add a two here. So, that's the balance, and just for note keeping, aluminum chloride started out as a solid, decomposed into aluminum, which is also a solid, and chlorine which is a gas. I'm Robin Higgins, and this has been what is the equation for the decomposition of aluminum chloride.


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