Chemistry of a Raindrop

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The chemistry of a raindrop involves paying close attention to the transition between a water and a gas. Find out about the chemistry of a raindrop with help from an experienced chemistry and science professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Robin Higgins and this is the chemistry of a raindrop. Alright so how raindrops form are actually pretty cool and it's a cool cycle that we're kind of in. So the first step is that the sun will shine it's rays and it heats up the ocean and when this happens we actually have a transition from liquid to gas so water vapor and the water vapor rises cause gas rises and at a certain temperature it starts to cool down enough to form little tiny droplets that still stay in the air and that's what a cloud is. So these are partially condensed little water droplets and we have our clouds and they travel and over time the water droplets find each other and almost start to form a raindrop and when they get heavy enough to drop out of the sky they will start to rain down and the water droplets, the raindrops hit the ground and they form into rivers and they eventually return to the ocean and they start the process all over again. A fun fact, raindrops are not actually tear-shaped. They're actually formed like little kind of hues, they look like this guy. So if you zoomed in on a raindrop they would look like this. This is just a myth that weather experts are actually kind of mad about they're kind of sticklers for that. So this is what a raindrop looks like. I'm Robin Higgins and this has been the chemistry of a raindrop.


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