The Chemical Equation for the Reaction Between 2-Pentene & Bromine

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The chemical equation for the reaction between 2-pentene and bromine requires you to pay very close attention to your prefix. Find out about the chemical equation for the reaction between 2-pentene and bromine with help from an experienced chemistry and science professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Robin Higgins, and this is the chemical equation for the reaction between 2-pentene and bromine. Alright, so first let's take a look at 2-pentene. Remember that pentene is our prefix for five, so we have one, two, three, four, five carbons, and -ene is our name for alkenes which means double bonds, and we were told that this is 2-pentene, which means that our alkene starts on carbon number two. Alright, so we have our 2-pentene, and the reaction with bromine. So bromine exists as Br bonded to another Br. Alright, and so the way they react is that this alkene actually attacks this first bromine with a partial positive charge. And as that's happening, this bromine also attacks in at this carbon, which is becoming partially positive. And at this point this bromine pretty much decides to take this lone pair for itself. So, the intermediate is that we have still our five carbon backbone here. We have a bromine that now has a full positive charge. Our other bromine, this guy, is just hanging out being full negative, and at this point we start making some stereo chemistry, so this hydrogen is actually going to be a dash, this is gonna be a wedge. And then on the other side you have this guy being a wedge, we're gonna have a dash hydrogen. So, this is not very stable because we have a full positive charge on bromine, and so this negatively charged bromine finds it, attacks in, and then this bond goes completely to this positively charged bromine. So our final product is we have again, our five backbone carbon, but with this stereo chemistry we have two bromines that have added anti, and we have these very specific wedges and dashes. So this is our final product. And so just to give you guys the chemical formula for this, we started with our 2-pentene which is C5H10, and we added Br2, and then we created a molecule that had the chemical formula C5H10Br2, so we just added bromine. And I'm Robin Higgins, and this has been the balanced chemical equations for the reaction between 2-pentene and bromine.


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