A Balanced Equation for Decomposition of Dinitrogen Monoxide

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A balanced equation for decomposition of dinitrogen monoxide requires you to keep a few very specific rules in mind. Find out about a balanced equation for decomposition of dinitrogen monoxide with help from an experienced chemistry and science professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Robin Higgins. And this is a balanced equation of a decomposition of Dinitrogen Monoxide. O.k., so let's define a couple of things. First, what's Dinitrogen Monoxide? Well, according to our naming rules we can just do N-two, dinitrogen and a single O, monoxide. And what is decomposition? Well, a decomposition reaction is anything that takes one single molecule and then, decomposes it into two or more different molecules. So, in this case, all we have is nitrogen and oxygen. And both of these are going to decompose into a separate nitrogen gas and a separate oxygen gas. And both of these gases are dimers, which means that they come paired with another one of each other. So, now that we have all of our reactions and our products, we can just have our reactions arrow, have a little plus here. And now, we need to balance. So, if we start balancing by looking at a number of nitrogen, we see have two here and two here, that looks pretty good. But if we get to oxygen, we have one here and two here. So, we need to add a coefficient of two the dinitrogen monoxide. And now, we created a balance with our oxygen, we have two oxygen, two oxygen. But now, we have four nitrogen. So, we we have to add another coefficient of two to our nitrogen gas. And this is going to pretty much balance everything out. So, we have four nitrogen, four, two oxygen, two oxygen. And that is pretty much it. So, I'm Robin Higgins, and this has been the balanced reaction for the decomposition of Dinitrogen Monoxide.


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