How to Calculate 0.03 Percent of Carbon Dioxide Concentration in mg/L

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Calculating 0.03 percent of carbon dioxide concentration in mg/L will require you pay close attention to the mass as a percent. Find out about calculating 0.03 percent of carbon dioxide concentration in mg/L with help from an experienced chemistry and science professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi. I'm Robin Higgins and this is how to calculate 0.03 percent carbon dioxide in milligrams per liter. So for this problem let's assume a couple of things. First that we're calculating this percent in as a mass percent. Which means that we basically assume that we have 0.03 grams carbon dioxide and 100 grams of water. Which you can multiply by 100 and this is going to give us our correct percent 0.03 percent. So this is kind of our first assumption that we have 0.03 grams carbon dioxide and 100 grams of water. And now that we have this it's just a simple conversion to our final units of milligrams per liter, otherwise known as MIGs per liter. So first let's take our 0.03 grams of carbon dioxide. And to convert to milligrams all we have to do is multiply by 1000. This is because 1000 milligrams in every 1 gram, that's just a basic conversion. So multiply and we're going to get 30 milligrams. So that's how many milligrams of carbon dioxide we have. Now let's convert our 100 grams of water into liters. So if we have 100 grams of water let's convert that to a volume unit. So 1 milliliter is the same as 1 gram, cancel these guys out, and now let's convert to liters. So for every 1 liter you have 1000 milliliters. So, you need to cancel out, we know we're going to end up with liters and we get 0.1 liters of H2L. So now we have how many milligrams we have and how many liters we have. And our final units are going to be in milligrams per liter, so all we have to do is take our 30 milligrams of carbon dioxide over our 0.1 liters of H2L and we can see that our final answer is that we have 300 milligrams per liter of carbon dioxide in H2L. I'm Robin Higgins and this has been how to calculate 0.03 carbon dioxide concentration in MIGs per liter.


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