The Best Shoes for Pregnancy With Swollen Ankles

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The best shoes for pregnancy with swollen ankles are ones that do not have any kind of a strap. Find out about the best shoes for pregnancy with swollen ankles with help from an experienced fashion professional in this free video clip.

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I'm Robin Otto from zulily, and today I'm going to talk to you about shoes to wear while you're pregnant and have swollen ankles. This is a common problem that I hear from women all the time and it's not something that's unusual. And today I'm going to show you some great shoe options that not only are trendy but are going to be comfortable for you and your swollen feet. So I have some great shoe options here that are perfect for women with swollen feet. The first thing I want to tell you to avoid is anything with a strap, or something that's going to constrict your foot or ankle. So these are really great because they give your ankles and feet a lot of room to breathe which is fantastic. The first option that we have is a gray bootie. What I love about this is that this particular shoe comes in a wide width so you can get the opening here to be a little wider when you have swollen feet. Also along the back there is a zipper that opens up to give you some extra room. Also along the back there is a zipper that opens up to give you some extra room and a wonderful pop up color which is really on trend to leave it unzipped which gives you some extra room when you have swollen ankles and then when they go down you can zip it right back up which is perfect. The next option that I have is a great flat. Now something you want to look for in a particular flat when you have swollen ankles is something with an adjustable movable back and not too rigid on the sides. So this pair here is really flexible so it gives you some room for your feet to kind of breathe and open up without restricting them too much with a really rigid strong edge on those. And the last option that I have is a great tall boot. And sometimes they can be difficult to find but a really great boot to look for is something with a wide calf. Or a wide width is another really wonderful thing that helps the swollen feet. This particular pair has a really great stretchable back so as your ankles and legs swell they have some expandibility qualities to them which is fantastic. Another great thing too is that they're nice and flat so when you're not putting extra pressure on your feet with a big tall heel. It's a great fat boots are a wonderful thing to look forward to. These are just a few different options that we have for you to look forward to when you have swollen ankles while you're pregnant.


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