How to Make a Simple Italian Venison Stew

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One of the most important things to remember when making an Italian venison stew is that because it's such a tender meat it will take less time to cook. Adding in some fresh basil and other ingredients brings out an incredible flavor. Learn more about how to make a simple Italian venison stew with tips from a professional chef in this free online video.

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Video Transcript

Hey, how's it going? My name is Jason, I'm the Corporate Executive Chef for Balducci's Food Lover's Market. and today, we're going to make a simple Italian themed venison stew. This is actually farm raised venison, this is actually imported, it's a red stag. Normally this is a lot more tender than your, like you said, if you've harvested your wild venison you know, locally or whatever. So, this doesn't have to cook as long. This is the leg meat and this is a stew. So, we are going to give this a couple hours, you know braising in the oven. So the first thing we're going to do, is I've got my pan on over here, we're going to get a little oil going. And we're going to get a nice sear on this venison on all sides, get it nice and brown, like so. Now this is a rel important part of making the stew, is this first initial sear on this meat, you want to get a good brown color all around, it's going to, it's kind of the base for your stew. O.k., we got this meat in here searing, we're going to just give it a turn. Like I said, we ant to get it nice and brown, this venison, nice and brown. We're actually just going to pull it out of here just for a second. So, we can just saute our vegetables and get a little color to our vegetables. See, our veggies are starting to get some good color. And then, what I have here is the LaValle, I have some San Marzano Tomatoes. And then, our venison goes back in. So, the last thing we're going to do before we put the lid on this and get her into the oven, is we're just going to get a little bit of herbs. I want to use a little bit of fresh oregano. And I'm basically just going to, this is going to cook for a good, long time. So, I'm just going to break these leaves off. What we're going to do, we're going to throw the top on. And go ahead and cut this off and we're going to put it right in the oven. So, I'm going to go over here to the oven. And the Le Creuset, the lid goes right in. o.k., so we've had you know, a little over three hours on this, I'm just going to pull this out. And what we're going to do, one last thing to finish it, I'm going to take a little bit of fresh basil, smells good. It's just a simple Italian style venison stew.


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