How to Bake Whole Snapper

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The first step in baking a whole red snapper recipe is to make sure and buy good quality seafood. This is a great dish to make because it doesn't require a whole lot of preparation prior to baking. Learn more about how to make a whole snapper recipe with tips from a professional chef in this free online video.

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Video Transcript

Hello. My name is Jason Miller. I'm the corporate executive chef for Balducci's Food Lovers Markets. And today we're going to show you how to do a pan seared and oven roasted whole red snapper. OK. So what we have here we have a whole red snapper. This is an American snapper, it's called a B Liner snapper. So the first thing you do when you buy a whole fish or any fish in that manner of seafood is you want to just check the quality. You know, the first one is smell. You know fish shouldn't really smell like, the eyes should be very nice and clear and the gills should be nice and bright red. You know, you shouldn't see any kind of slime, any gray dingy colors. It should be bright red. You know, the flesh should have some elasticity to it. You press on it, if you press on the fish and it leaves a dent, you know your fish is kind of old. So I got just a pair of kitchen shears here and I'm going to remove this dorsal fin. You know this fish will have some bones in it, obviously it's whole but like I said, you want to move everything, remove everything that is not edible. Pull it aside and let it rest and then from all the juices and pan drippings we're going to make just a little pan sauce, a little brown butter sauce. A very simple preparation, easy to do and tastes great. So what we have now, we just have our fish ready to go and we're just going to make a couple of scores in the flesh and I'm going to kind of just go down to the bone. So then we're just going to do a nice light dusting. OK. So we've got our fish cooking here for a couple of minutes with a little sprig of thyme and just a little knob of butter to set this thing off. And that's it, we're oven ready. We're going to cook that for about 350 degrees for about 10 minutes, 10 to minutes. First thing I'm going to do is I'm going to get this, just 1 shallot, I'm just going to kind of slice it in rings nice and thin. OK. Then I got 1 clove of garlic here that I'm going to do the same, just going to slice real thin. We got our garlic, our shallot, a little thyme sprig in there, the brown butter. It's not going to stay for long. It's not a sauce that can sit out you know, and you serve it latter on. You kind of have to make it now and eat it. OK. So we have a pan seared and oven roasted whole red snapper, American B Liner snapper. We just did it in meniere which is just dusted in flour and then sauteed and then finished with just a little brown butter. And we have just a little micro green salad to garnish. You know most people when cooking fish are kind of intimidated. But as you can see it's very very simple to do. You just need good high quality fish and just a little bit f know how. Well thanks for watching and we'll see you soon.


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