Oven-Baked Lamb Chops

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Oven-baked lamb chops, when cooked dirty style, are prepared in a little bit different of a way than you may be familiar with. Make oven-baked lamb chops with help from a culinary professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

I'm The Dirty Chef, Ian Russo. I'm going to be preparing oven baked lamb chops and we're going to do a little twist on it today. We're going to create it Dirty Style, which is a little bit different than your traditional lamb chops. We're going to be dipping it into the Dirty Dust and adding honey at the end. A lot of people don't realize when you're cutting lamb chops, it, the bone has kind of an angle. If you were to go straight down, you might hit the bone. So, if you can see here, it kind of angles off. So, when I take the knife, I'll go straight down, but I angle off to the right because the bone kind of bends towards the chop. Some of the chops I might cut with two bones because it might be too thin. There's a bone at the end, so knife needs to sharp to cut through the bottom of it. You can also get these prepared at your butcher, if you were to cut it yourself. You want to bend your knife slightly to the right. So, now I got the chops cut, and I'm going to put them on a rack and season them with salt first. And if you notice, all the chops are different sizes. So, when I season it with salt, I'm going to use it sparingly. Like, this chop's a little bit bigger, so I'm going to have a little bit more salt on it. This chop's a lot thinner, it's going to get a little less salt. I'm going to line them, so they're even. And then, I'm going to use a method called snowing, where I'm going to take the salt from a higher level and try to evenly shower the meat. So that the salt is evenly spread out. And of you see, I'm using a rack. And what the rack does is help me, where I'm putting a lot of salt on it. Whatever I don't use, falls between the rack and the tray, nit touching the lamb. Now that the lamb's all seasoned with the salt, I'm going to dip it in my Dirty Dust, which is a spice blend that transforms food. What I'm doing is just dipping it in, whatever the amount of dust sticks, is the perfect amount to season the meat. And when we bake these, the lamb are all different sizes. I'm going to pull some out of the oven earlier than other ones. This will keep it from, keep them cooking evenly. What I'm going to do is bake in the oven, 350 for 12 to 15 minutes. And in between the cooking, I'm going to turn the lamb over, so that it cooks even and it keeps it from steaming and keeps the lamb a little bit crispier.


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