Oven-Fried Chicken Fingers

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Oven-fried chicken fingers are crispy, healthy and very delicious. Make oven-fried chicken fingers with help from a culinary professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

I'm The Dirty Chef, Ian Russo. Today, we're making oven baked chicken fingers. It's a healthier take on this item, we're going to make them crispy, healthy and very delicious. So, I have the chicken tenders and I'm going to basically be seasoning it into flour. As far as the flour goes, you can add any kind of flavoring that you want to have, paprika, have onion powder, have garlic power, you can add salt. The whole idea is that when you season the flour, that seasoning is going to go on the chicken tenders. So as flavorful as you want to make it, I would add it to the flour. So, we cut the chicken tenders pretty much twice the size of your finger. If they're bigger, they'll tend to take longer to cook and the breadcrumbs will burn. So, all I do here is just toss the tenders in the flour. And the only reason for the flour, is for the egg to stick to the flour. If the egg would stick to the chicken, I wouldn't use the flour, which would be even healthier. But the flour helps the egg stick to the chicken. And what I'm going to use here is a slotted spoon, the slotted spoon will basically help me mix it around. And I'm going to use the spoon that has the holes in it, to let the eggs fall through. And then, basically I'm dropping the chicken right in the breadcrumbs. And what you want to avoid, here's a perfect example. If the spoon didn't have holes in it, the egg would fall into the breadcrumbs. And then, it would tend to be clumpy and it would get wet and it wouldn't be as nice. So, what I'm doing now is just moving the chicken around, making sure it gets coated evenly. And then, I'm going to put it on a rack. And them, here, today there's two types of breadcrumbs a lot of people use. This is a traditional Italian breadcrumbs, then this is Panko, it's a lot flakier. Some people like it, some people don't. It's a little bit crispier because it's airier, and it's not as dense. And it might even be healthier because it's less breadcrumbs that would go on it. When I bake the chicken, I basically use this rack instead of putting it right on the pan. If I put it on a pan, the bottom tends to cook uneven. By having it on the rack, I get more even oven cooking. And then, to make it even healthier, if I bake these in the oven, the breadcrumbs are going to burn. The breadcrumbs are like paper. So, by spraying it with a spray like this, I can evenly coat the chicken tenders with very little fat. And when I bake it in the oven, they'll be nice and crispy and juicy. The reason we're making oven baked, some people like a healthier take on it and I have a technique today to keep them crispy and juicy and have it a lot less fat.


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