Knee Extensions, Leg Press Calf Raises & X-Centrics

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Knee extensions, leg press calf raises and X-centrics are things that you can do to help lift weights much better than before. Find out about knee extensions, leg press calf raises and X-centrics with help from an experienced fitness professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Al Agon, and today we are covering knee extensions, leg presses, calf raises and X-centrics. So today we are starting off with very simple the first thing is, I'm going to put my hand right here. Now this is exactly what you would find in the gym and so from here you are going to now raise it and going down. Now the different thing that most people do in the gym is the fact that they balance the concept because they want to lift the weight. That's not the primary reason why you are doing this movement. The primary reason you are doing it is the fact that you want to strengthen the quad muscle. So therefore, let's add the eccentric concept to it. So therefore, you are going to turn around and flex your toe back, okay from here, lift, hold it, tighten the quadricep muscle and the X-centric part is slowly going down. Keep on contracting the muscle. See how much harder it is? So from here, lift, quad tighten and slowly control the muscle. Lift, and there's your X-centric. That's getting quadruple the amount of benefit in this exercise which is primarily to grow that quad muscle. Okay great, now the next one we are doing is going to be a leg press, it could be done on a machine at the gym. Going down, we're doing it now in the form of a squat and I'm going to add X-centrics to it. So therefore, you're going to open your legs a little wider, okay now I'm going to add the leg press and I'm going to add also the calf raises to define the lower body. So therefore, Nicole is going to turn around and lift okay back straight, and up and leg raises. Now again I'm going to break it down as she is going down, she's holding the controlled movements, it's called X-centric, so for going down she's holding the muscle. It is quadrupling the amount of effort and it's a lot more challenging. When you are ready, there's a way that you should be training at the gym,hopefully with a trainer. Okay from here, slowly back up okay and back down.


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