Adductor & Abductor Golf Exercises

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Adductor and abductor golf exercises are great at working out the inner part of the leg. Find out about adductor and abductor golf exercises with help from an experienced fitness professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Al Agon, and today we're going over adductor and abductor golf exercises. now, it's involving very much the outer part of the leg and the inner part of the leg. It's very important for the actual swing of golf. Now, we're doing it with Nicole today, of course, she's got a pole in her hand, but she can do that with a chair, better, for stabilizing, or you can also hold on to a wall. So, Nicole's gonna first start off with abductor, which is gonna be her leg going out. Controlled movements to work the outer part of the leg that's needed for golf. It's also incorporates many other parts of the lower body, especially the core, and the glute access. Adductor's going from outside to in. So, this exercise over here is now gonna be working with, working the inner thigh. Now, for golf, it's very necessary, okay, ready, and going down, okay, in, nice and easy. Alignment's very important, as well, okay. I'm gonna show you exactly what not to do, okay, good, down. Okay, now from here, one more, two more times, and that means she's trying to put her heal to heal. Now, if I'm gonna make it more advanced, point your toes, Nicole, and lengthen. Now, go ahead, see it's, how much more difficult it is because therefore it's proper alignment to work the proper adductor muscles. So, remember that alignment, heal touching heal. More advanced for the ones that are really great golf pros. Lengthen the leg, point your toes and that really creates the resistance higher, and isolates the movements.


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