How to Record "Minecraft" With Fraps

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Recording "Minecraft" with Fraps is a really great way to share your gameplay with friends on YouTube. Record "Minecraft" with Fraps with help from a video game expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Carl, and today I want to show you how to record "Minecraft" with a program called Fraps. This is cool to know how to do because then you can record your game play to upload onto the interview or onto YouTube to share with your friends. So once you have the Fraps program installed and downloaded, where you want to go is over to this tab called movies and up here you can designate the folder that you save all of your video files in. So you can change that folder if you want so that when it records, it records specifically to where you want it to go. The video capture hot key determines how you return the recording on and off. The sound capture settings, if you want to record the end game sound when you are playing the game, you will want it to record the Windows sound or whatever platform that you are using. If you are going to be recording voice over work and talk while you are playing the game, you want to also select to record external output and choose the microphone device that you have and that you are using. You can also designate the frames per second that you want it to record which will tell the Fraps program how smooth to do the recording so it's not missing any frames. So let's go ahead while this is open. You want to open Fraps first and then you can minimize this and now we'll open "Minecraft" and the game will load and just remember that hot key. You can designate that as whatever you want. I have mine set as F7. So the game will open and you see this little yellow number up at the top, this is telling you how many frames per second you are getting while you record. So if I go into single player and go into this world, you will see the frame rate drops as the game loads and that's fine, it loads the world and at any time if I want to record I just hit the F7 key and these numbers will turn from yellow to red and that means that I'm recording. So now I've pushed the F7 key and I am actively recording my game play and I can go full screen and it moves those numbers up there and I am actively recording the game as I'm playing it also the voice over recording that I'm saying as I'm giving dialog to the game. In order to stop the recording, just hit F7 again or whatever hot key you have set up and then you can go and inspect the folder that you told it to save the video into and that is how you use Fraps to record "Minecraft." So my name is Carl and I just showed you how to record "Minecraft" using the program, Fraps and I hope you have a good time with it.


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