How to Have a Buddy Join You on Single Player in "Minecraft"


You can have a buddy join you in single player in "Minecraft" by giving out a very specific address. Find out how to have a buddy join you in single player in "Minecraft" with help from a video game expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Carl, and today I want to show you how to have a buddy join you to play Minecraft in single player mode. This is cool to know how to do because if you have a friend over to your house and he has a Minecraft account you can both get on the same internet and play single player without having to setup a server. So in order to do that you want to open up Minecraft on your computer and select single player and you will create a new world and for the purposes of this I'm gonna call this 2 player and you can name it whatever you want and then hit create new world and you wanted to go ahead and build the terrain and generate the map and do everything necessary to get the game going and start a new world and once it does this it's gonna give you the opportunity to set it up to play 2 player with your friend so we're gonna go ahead and let it generate the map it's putting the pieces together now and it put me right here on the ledge so I'm gonna come over right here for a second. Alright, so basically what you do is you hit escape and down here where you see open, open to LAN, you're going to click that and then down here where it says start LAN world, you'll go ahead and select that as well and now it says local game hosted on port 6.1.946, it'll probably be different for you. So then you'll just hit escape again and on your same computer just move this window over, open up Minecraft again and it will relaunch another window of Minecraft just like you're going to play in 2 separate windows and then hit play and you still have this window open over here just move this one to the right and on this one instead of single player this time you'll hit multi-player and you'll notice here is LAN World and there it says 2 player and right there you will see this long digit which is several numbers. This is the IP address to play on the local area network and so what you'll do is you'll tell your friend on his computer to type this number in. He will hit add server and he type this number in to that spot. So he would go to multiplayer, add server, and he would call this 2 player and then he would type in that long digit that you give him. Don't type in the one that I have in on screen. Type in the one that you will get when you set this up and then he will simply select done and when he does that he can join the world and when you go back to your game your friend or your buddy will show up on screen and you can play multiplayer together on your own local area network. My name is Carl and I just showed you how to have a buddy join you in single player on Minecraft so I hope you have a lot of fun with this and good luck.


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