How to Go From Creative to Survival in "Minecraft"

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Going from creative to survival mode in "Minecraft" is something you might want to do if you're exploring a custom map. Go from creative to survival in "Minecraft" with help from a video game expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi. My name is Carl, and today I want to show you in Minecraft how to change your map from creative mode to survival mode. This good to know because sometimes you can build a custom map and then if you want to actually play on it with zombies and skeletons and other monsters you want to switch it from creative over to survival to be able to do that. So if we look here in Minecraft I have a world here that I've created called Creative to Survival and it is set in creative mode right now. What you need to do is you need to install a modification to the game Minecraft by going to this URL or this web address here and once you to this web address you will come down here where it say downloading and you want to download this Minecraft save seed reader program. So go ahead and select that and pick save file. And then if you come up here where your saved files are you can select that and it will open up this program in either WinWar or WinZip. I have WinZip. So we'll see this program here called minecraftseed.jar. If you right click on that program and go to open with, the java platform SE binary. You open it with that program. And if you select that you'll hit open. And what it does is it goes into the saves folder on my Minecraft and you can choose this drop down menu and select the map. We will do creative to survival and here we see that it is set as creative. I can click this drop down box and simply change it to survival or back to anything that I want and select save changes. Am I sure, it will ask, are you sure you want to overwrite your save files, select yes and select OK. Now you can close out of all of these windows, reopen minecraft. It will launch the minecraft launcher and reopen the game. Select play, and now if we go back into the game in just single player we see now creative to survival is now changed over to survival mode. So we've successfully changed it from creative to survival. My name is Carl and today I showed you how to change a minecraft world to creative to survival. And I hope that helps you and you have a good time with it.


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