How to Make a Shelf in "Minecraft" on PC

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Making a shelf in "Minecraft" for the PC is something that you can easily do for your virtual home. Make a shelf in "Minecraft" on the PC with help from a video game expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Carl, and today I'm going to show you how to build a shelf or even a bookshelf in the game Minecraft. It's cool to know how to do this because it can add a lot to your home or whatever space you're playing on in the game. So, the easiest way to put shelf in the game is to use just a wooden slab and to go up to the wall and right click and it builds kind of a, a cool-looking wooden shelf in the game. If you want to build a, a bookshelf, it's a little bit more complicated, you need to go to your crafting table and right click. You're going to need sugar cane, wooden planks and leather in order to do the bookshelf. First of all, you're, you're going to use sugar cane and you'll put three sugar cane across the bottom of the crafting table to make paper. And once you have that paper, you will place that paper in a row directly up the middle of the crafting table and then you'll pit, put a piece of leather in the bottom right corner and that binds the book and creates a book. So, once you have a book, you can take those books and put them across the middle of the crafting table and take your wooden planks and kind of sandwich it in the middle. So, you have wooden planks across the top and the bottom and the books across the middle and that creates a bookshelf. And then, you put that down in your hand, leave your crafting table and walk up to the wall anywhere where you want your bookshelf to be placed and right click. And there you have a bookshelf. So, my name is Carl and today, I showed you how to create a shelf and a bookshelf in the game Minecraft. I hope you enjoyed it.


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