How to Download TrainCraft for "Minecraft"

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Downloading TrainCraft for "Minecraft" allows you to build trains within the game. Download TrainCraft for "Minecraft" with help from a video game expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Carl. And today, I'm going to show you how to get TrainCraft for Minecraft. TrainCraft is really cool model because it allows you to actually build trains within the game, that's not a normal function of the game. So, I'm going to show you how to do that today. The first place that you need to go is to the Minecraft Forum at And when you're in the Forum's tab, you can go into Mapping and Modding into Minecraft Mods. Or you can come up here to the Search and just type TrainCraft. TrainCraft is spelled just like it sounds, all one word, TrainCraft. And you'll come to this page here, where there is trains, zeppelins and more. And if you scroll down, you'll see a few different tabs where you can click to show more information. And what you want to do is come down here where it says, Installation. And it says right here that it's very important that you install the program called Forge First. So, if you're not familiar with what that is, then you need to go install the Forge program in order to this mod to work. Then you'll come down here under the Download tab, and open that up and then, select Download. And it will open up a new window in AdFly and you'll wait for the add to disappear and click Skip Ad. And then, save the file. And this program is downloading and saving right now. I have already have it on my computer, so I'm going to go ahead and show you what that does. So, once that downloads, you will open up your Mods folder. And you can get to that by going to the Start menu and typing percentage app data percentage (%APPDATA%). Go into the roaming folder, go into the dot Minecraft folder. And down here where it says, Mods, you want to open up that folder and you will get your program and drag it drop it right here into this Mods folder. So, there you TrainCraft and it's a dot Jar file. So, just leave right there an you're ready to go. So,now we'll open up Minecraft and TrainCraft will be installed now. Make sure that when you select your profile in Minecraft that you select the profile associated with the Forge program and then, hit Play. Once Minecraft loads, you can pick whatever map you want, whether it's creative or survival. I'm going to go into single player and go into this map and select, Play Select World. And once that opens up, if you go into your inventory by pressing the E key. You'll notice at the top there's two different pages now. If you scroll over to the second page, you'll see this little TrainCraft logo. You can click on that and there's all the items, so that you can build trains and zeppelins and all sorts of cool stuff in the game. And so, I've built a little train track here, you can put down a train car and give it a little shove and there it goes. So, my name is Carl and today, I showed you how to download and install TrainCraft for Minecraft. And I hope you have a lot of fun with it.


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