How to Load a "Minecraft" World

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Loading a "Minecraft" world is something that you would do if you wanted to see what other players have been up to. Load a "Minecraft" world with help from a video game expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Carl, and today I want to show you how to load a "Minecraft" world for the game "Minecraft." It's cool to know how to do this because that way you can expand the game and download other people's worlds and play through different adventure maps when you know how to do this. To find a world in "Minecraft" what you want to do is go to and once you are there if you go to the forum's tab and then select mapping and modding and go to maps, you can scroll down here and find all kinds of different custom maps that people have created. Today the one I'm going to download and show you is called the dropper. So I'm going to go ahead and select that and when that window opens you can read all about this map and what this map does, whether it's the type of map that you want. I'm going to scroll down here where it says download the dropper and I'm going to select this link. It will open up a new window and then I will select to download the "Minecraft" world save. This will open up an ad fly page and just wait for this second timer to count down and when it gets to 0 you can skip the ad, don't ever click anything in the middle of the screen during this part. You want to wait for the ad to close and then you will select download and it will download the dropper map. And once you've done that it will create a zipped folder that you can save onto your Desktop. So it will look something like this and you can use a program called Winzip or Winrar in order to access the files for this map. So you can double click that and open it up and there you will have the dropper in English and also in French. So I'm going to go ahead and minimize Winzip right now and then if I go down to the start menu and type percentage app data percentage, that will open up what's called the roaming folder and if I click on that, the very top folder you will see .minecraft, double click that to open it and then go down to saves, double click and open the saves folder and these are all the different worlds that you have loaded into "Minecraft" right now. So if I open up Winzip, take this folder that's the English version of the dropper and drag and drop it, it will extract the map and load it into "Minecraft." So I can go ahead and X out of these and open up "Minecraft" and it's going to run the "Minecraft" launcher and as this loads, I should be able to hit play and go into select the maps and the dropper game should be there. So if I go to single player, we'll go full screen here, now we have, there it is, the dropper. So I can select play selected world and this is a custom created map called the dropper that I can go through that someone else built that I can experience. So my name is Carl and today I showed you how to load a custom world for the game "Minecraft." I hope you enjoyed it.


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