How Are Plastic Bottles Made Into Denim Jeans?

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Plastic bottles are made into denim jeans using the recycling process and a few other key techniques. Find out about how plastic bottles are made into denim jeans with help from a freelance artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

I'm Aaron Tucker, and this is how are plastic bottles made into denim jeans. This is an awesome topic to touch upon because we waste so much plastic, especially with the consumption of water bottles. People really don't think twice about what's happening to their environment when they just toss these water bottles, they aren't being recycled. So when you think about the certain companies that find the importance of finding different uses for these water bottles, it's a really cool process and something that should be encouraged. So if you find different vendors that do this, go out and get them. This is how the process is created though. Water bottles are picked up from different municipal sites, they are cleaned, they are sorted and then the plastic bottles are crushed into flakes. These flakes are then heated and used to create a polyester fiber. This polyester fiber is then combined with cotton fibers and woven into denim just like a regular pair of jeans are made. If you think about it though, for every 12 ounce bottle, water bottle, can create about 22 pair of jeans. So this is an awesome way to recycle these water bottles. There's no difference really in the feel of the texture, the only differences that you will find will be in the different color on the underside of the jeans.


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